Started in the early 30’s clearing the land. The trees that were removed were taken across the road over to the saw mill. The wood had to dry for over a year before building could begin. They opened in 1934, all four cabins. There was no electricity or running water. Wells were drilled and you had to pump your own water. There was no indoor plumbing and you had to use the outhouse nearby. There were no refrigerators but ice boxes that will filled every morning from the ice house. Each cabin had old wood stoves. When Karen was around 7, there was a sign put up out front that said ultra-modern. They had upgraded the cabins to add in running water and bathrooms. Probably around the 40’s and 50’s. They also added in electricity. Around 1995 Karen took over the resort full time. Jerry retired from the Southern California Gas Company to help out at the resort in 2003.